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  Who are we? Find out about us and the seals, too! Check out the baby seal pictures!

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 How can you help the seals . Get your school involved! The school and projects pages are full of ideas! We are also adding a new projects idea page with great ideas and incentives. Look for it soon!

Have you got a seal drawing or project you would like to share?

Click on the thumbnail drawing to see the complete picture and visit our Gallery of Projects page to see more great projects!

seal drawing

Learn more about helping the seals by reading the story of a student who started a petition and got over 1500 signatures! Click here for story!

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  Looking for something fun to do? Go to the Sealy Fun page and take the cuteness survey.

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 Learn about the seals, the hunt and why we need to protect them.

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Announcing a new contest for older kids:

This contest is for the best paper on the ecosystem management aspects of the seal slaughter.

Details and rules c;ick here!

Check out our projects page for a new addition, a link to a claymation film called "Stop The Hunt" by the Reel Youth group.

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Our hand painted "Seal Rocks" are the coolest things...
Seal Rocks


WELCOME TO Kids 4 Seals

Harp Seals - Kids4Seals.org

Kids 4 Seals is an international network of schools, students and young persons interested in OPPOSING the ANNUAL CANADIAN HARP and HOOD SEAL SLAUGHTERS that take place off the Atlantic coast of Canada each year.

three girls with sealrocks

Harpseals coloring book cover

Hey Kids- you can download the new coloring book here. It was created for Kids4Seals.org and Harpseals.org by illustrator Yi Yang.

Yi Yang

Yi Yang has loved to doodle since she was a little kid. She loves to create children's art because children are eager to learn and they learn better from looking at interesting imagery. She just graduated from California State University, Long Beach.  Although she may not become a certified teacher, she loves to use her art work to teach children.

Making a Difference for the Canadian Baby Harp Seals

baby harp seal

harp seal baby is molting


Learn about the harp seals and their migration to shores of NewFoundland and Greenland's icy waters to give birth to their beautiful white coated seal pups. Also learn how a greedy fashion industry and some cruel Canadian fishermen are brutally killing these lovely, innocent creatures. You can explore our pages to see what you can do to stop this slaughter.